Imagine the lines.
Feel the concept.

Rkkilines Helps You To Feel The Concept

Many people ask how can we understand the concept or chapter?
The answer is simple – ” Imagine the lines and Feel the concept

Jo bhi me bolata hu use imagine karo apne mind me or use real life se relate karo. Usi ke khayalo ki duniya me kho jao …. tum apne aap ko waha feel karo …….. samajh gaye n . 

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No one in this world will be able to explain english chapters this easily expect you.
You are the best.👌
It helps a lot.👍
Prisha Ved
😂😂 mza agya, sab samaj agya
Bhai kya padhte ho ..... yek dam bhokal.
I support u bro.

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Kuchh Puchhna hai to puchh le Bhai…..  Sharma mat. 

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